26 in 26

this is gonna be a very short post.

I woke up on 12am, not surely knowing what was happened. there he stood, my husband brought a small cake with a happy birthday written on it.

he let me blew the candle, with a ‘make a wish’ moment before.

he gave me a small yet very useful present. indeed we are not a couple who loves to give the gift in every occasion; what we love is share and help each other if we would like to have something (re: patungan).

anyway, we back to sleep after.

this morning I asked him where did he get a cake in the middle of the night?

turns out he bought it later that night, without me. he only said he left to bought a medicine. he managed to bought a cake and a small present and hide it from me. what a boy!

so I am officially 26 in this June 26. and in this day every year, I do celebrate it with my little sister and my mother-in-law (yes we are all have a same birth day).

my wish? healthy and wealthy! HAHA

of course other essential wishes that will always be there in my pray.
passed a quarter life crisis, starting a new another chapter of life. leaving 20’s.
well, happy birthday to me.

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