What's Love and What's Not

Found this beautifully written article in the stack of unused paper at office.

“Love is the situation in which the other person’s well-being is as important to you as your own well-being… not more important and not less.”

“We tend to find someone who brings to the relationship traits and qualities we don’t have ourselves.”

Love isn’t Addiction

“you are the only one who can give you self-respect.”

“the best time to find a new love is when you’re not looking.”

“just because you have allowed someone access to your innermost feelings doesn’t mean you love them, either.”

abusive is not normal!

“Your new partner will not be a reflection of yourself, but rather a complementary partner..”

Ha! I know it was an old article from an English reading book, thus I find questions at the end of the article 😛
Kemaren lagi beberes tumpukan kertas bekas di kantor, sampai tau-tau nemu bacaan ini.
Tertarik banget baca, sampai menghabiskan beberapa jam di kantor untuk baca ini.
Tulisannya jadul, saking jadulnya sampai gak bisa nemu artikel ini via online.
Padahal sih baru tahun 1999 ditulisnya.
Cocoknya mungkin tulisan ini di post untuk bulan Cinta, bulan Februari.
Tapi mungkin kalau baru ada yang patah hati, bisa diselidiki apakah kamu masuk ke kriteria yang disebutkan ini?
Love is not always giving

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