when I was a child

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me in 3 years old or so

I was a quiet kid back then. saya selalu mengira saya adalah seorang introvert.

there are so many ‘not a kid things’ I’ve had. my mom always told me everything. she might be lonely at that moment, so we always shared stories. exchange curhat.
I knew some of the marriage problems back then, my mom told me. I watched ‘Noktah Merah Perkawinan’; a drama television that a child not suppose to watch. I even cried together with my mom 😀
I feel happy if people can tell the story to me, it feels good to be a listener.
my dad usually did not allow me to play outside, or bring my friend to home. he is kinda feel insecure that I might get sick after play outside or… I don’t know the reason. so he did buy me a lot of toys to play at home, like barbie, and computer.
so I ended up play by myself at home, and I used to have an imaginary friend back then. HAHA! I liked to talk by myself, as if I had a friend I played with. mesakke but anyway I enjoyed! 😛
salah satu mainan yang sering saya mainkan sendiri adalah, krayon yang bentuknya kaya tas yang bisa dibuka. (duh ini penjelasannya susah, sek tak cari gambarnya)
krayon tas
krayon tas, courtesy: Bhinneka.com

nah seperti itu ya, but mine was a little bit smaller and have a beautiful handle. so I used to play it as a laptop. on afternoon, I used to take a folding table, take the crayon, open it, and do like typing something.
kalo ditanya mainan apa? saya bilang itu mainan kerja kantor pake komputer. it sorts of like I really want to do that when I grow up. turns out what? now I am working behind the computer and my typing skill is fast. wow, imagine I have ever said that back then.
selesai SD, pas SMP saya sering diajak pergi jalan-jalan oleh budhe, pakdhe, atau bulik. kalau sama budhe pakdhe, paling diajak nginep di rumahnya, ke mall, atau ke puncak Bogor.
and I have an aunt, she’s my mom’s youngest sister. back when I was 13 years old (around, I don’t exactly remember how old I was), on Saturday normally she’d asked me to join her overtime working at her office. not always on Saturday; yet I’d say yes to her.
ngapain aja di kantor orang? what I really like is actually, the free internet and computer access! yaa, jaman segitu internet di rumah saya masih pakai TelkomNet Instan, yang nyambung ke kabel telepon rumah, jadi bisa dipastikan papa gak bakal ngijinin lama-lama karena berimbas bayar teleponnya mahal 😀
so I accompanied my aunt, she worked with some of her work mate, and I asked for a computer for me to play, and some piece of paper in case I would write something. we’d stay til afternoon, and then we came home with a box of lunch meal. my aunt sometimes gave me bunch of used paper, for me to write or for school matters. maksudnya kertas bekas buat nulis coret-coretan sekolah 😉
what is her work? what my aunt actually did? I never understand clearly, until I was 20. I started my work experience, in an export manufacture company. I dealt with all the shipping matters. and when I met my aunt, she asked what I worked for, and I explained to her. both of us laughed after realized:

my aunt is working on a shipping company, and she is handling the sea freight matters. the used paper I used to write on back then is the Bill of Lading copy.
I worked in a export furniture manufacture, I handled the shipment. I used my aunt’s office service, I handled Bill of Lading everyday.

sounds similar? iya. karena penyedia jasanya adalah kantor bulik, dan pengguna jasanya kantor saya. HAHAHA I never thought what I will be and it is still related to my past.
This post is inspired by When I Grow Up

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